Before I started to paint, I would visit museums and sit in front of a abstract work and think:  Why are these so valuable? I could paint this, it looks so simple!

Of course I can paint if I have the result right in front of me.

Creating an abstract work from scratch, a work that is pleasing to the eye and is well balanced requires some initial planning. Just laying colors on the canvas is not enough. That sense of balance I find it the hardest to achieve.

When I started to do my first abstract painting(using oils), I simply started  by combining different shades of blue.

I had no idea where I wanted to go with this painting, so I just started adding colors.

I just loved how I could blend the colors by swiping gently over them with a wide brush

Color blending – detail

However, I still didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish. I ended up having this nice blending of colors, but no unity, no overall balance. Too many strong colors were fighting among them.

They were like little paintings that would look good by themselves:

But together it was a mess:


So I tried to even them out, blend them even more, and add some texture over it.

Finally, I ended up with something that I think has more overall unity and I think would look good on a bedroom wall 🙂

Abstract sky