Thinking about this week’s Daily Post challenge, The Things We Leave Behind.

Each second that passes in our life takes something with it: a ray of sunshine, a shred of hope, a vacation feeling. It is not bad! No, because it make us richer, in experience and in wisdom 🙂

I think the most often we feel we leave something behind is when the week ends.

It’s then when I realize that one more week has passed from my life.


Sometimes it’s a wonderful week, other times it’s a hard week:

But the strongest feeling of time passing is each time I visit my childhood home.

Seeing how time affects the people I leave behind every time I go back, makes me realize that the time must have the same effect on me.

My great aunt

I don’t believe we truly lose anything. Each passing moment/experience/actual thing leaves a mark on our lives, and remain in our memory.