Lately I’ve been working on a new oil painting, which combine 2 elements that I love: birds, and green.

This painting has given me the opportunity to learn and practice nice and useful effects and techniques:

Spontaneous brush strokes. They create the most wonderful textures and visual effects.

I used different shades of green to create shadows, lights, perspective.

I used thinner to erase certain parts of the canvas to create light patches.

I learned to create out of focus effect.

Oil painting requires multiple sessions of painting, because they dry slower than acrylics.

So, first I did the background. After it dried(~a day), I started to sketch the owl, and the branches. After another day or so, I put some detail on the owl, and on the branches. The leaves came at the end, also in 2 sessions, first added some background green strokes(of different shades and nuances), and then I added some more detailed leaves forms.



Some close-ups details that I really like:



I used Van Gogh colors, which are great, have great texture and bright colors.