For the developers wanting to start a new iOS project, and for developers looking to update and improve an existing project, here is a list of tools I found very useful, from concept, to final product:

Zeplin is a tool that dramatically improve the communication between the designer and the developer. How? It provides a great common place to have an up-to-date repository for app designs which anyone can see and comment on.

Invision is a design project management and collaboration platform for creative teams. Invision allows for easy prototyping of iOS: just upload your design files and add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes. The feedback process is also simplified by having clients, team members, and stakeholders comment directly on the designs.

Sketch is a much more intuitive and easy to use(and cheaper) alternative to Photoshop. Sketch can also be used by developers to get all the specifications they need in order to bring a design to “life”.

XCode – no need for introduction here. This is the iDE for building iOS apps. The latest version, Xcode 7, includes everything you need to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple WatchApple TV.

Fabric – great tool for crash reporting(Crashlytics), build distribution. Easy to use, fast and reliable.

UI Instrumentation Xcode 7 provides support for user interface testing and recording. The Automation instrument provides powerful features, including: script editing with a built-in script editor,  capturing user interface actions for use in automation scripts, running a test script from an Xcode project.

TestFlight allows testers to install and beta test apps on iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices. Testers must receive an invite directly from a developer first before they can begin testing with TestFlight. Once invited, testers can redeem invitations in TestFlight to install, test, send valuable feedback, and get updates for the beta app.

Bamboo from Atlassian suite, is a great choice for continuous integration.

Enjoy building iOS apps!