We, girls, dream of our wedding day ever since kinder garden, when we first saw the lovely princess dressed in a lovely dress riding towards the sunset with the lovely prince cartoons. That’s when we knew this is what we want.

Now, forward 20-30 years: you have found the lovely prince and you are planning the dream wedding: looking for the lovely dress, the lovely setting, decide who do you want by your side on the big day, what goodies should they be treated with, where should they sleep(for the out-of-towners), the theme colours, the prince’s tux, the photographer, the cameraman, the bridesmaids, the chapel, the first dance, the cake…Oh, no! It starting to look an entirely different thing what you have pictured, doesn’t it?

I had my wedding last year, I went from dreaming, from finding the prince, to constant headaches planning the wedding and trying to please everyone, while ignoring my and my husband’s own wishes…

After the wedding stress was over, I started to think about how my day went. In a flash! It was nice, I got to see all the people I loved and cared about next to me.

However, there were quite a few things I would do differently though, or I wouldn’t do at all.

I would like to share from my experience,

Historically, the wedding rings existed to let the world know you were the property of your husband, who was out changing the world at his important job, while you clean the house, the dishes, the clothes and the kids, at home. Today, I got my ring for fashion reasons. And of course, my fashion sense did not match my husband’s, so we each got different rings. Why should we match? It’s the emotional connection between you that’s important—not the matching jewelry. Or, you can go for no ring at all. Whatever make you happy.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Now think for a second at all the wedding photos you’ve seen, with the bride and a bunch of girls, all dressed in the same “uniform”. Do you really want the same for your girlfriends?

I do not.

Talk to them. Tell them to each find herself a gorgeous dress, and be at your side on the big day.

Bridal party? Do you really need one more “night of freedom”, drunkenness, and naked guys to precede your wedding? That’s just tacky, and you wake up the second day with a hangover, and (possibly) few regrets…

Inviting people you don’t know to the wedding

At first, you’re putting on the list your close family members, then your friends, then your colleagues.

Then, without realising, you get suggestions from your parents, to invite that uncle that you haven’t seen in 10 years, or their friend whom they promised will come to the wedding. Next thing you know, you’ll end up with an additional group of unknown people at your wedding, people you have to be nice with, maybe even dance with.

Just say no. You parents will need to understand that is your wedding and that you want to have only the loved ones surrounding you on your wedding day.

The Registry
When’s the last time you cooked a casserole or pressed a panino at home? If you’re a enthusiastic chef, it may sound good to you, but why not just go simple and request cash post-ceremony? Now you can do with it what you want: kitchen items, paying off student loans, a charity of your choice.

First Dance

Long time ago, the first dance was an elegant way of introducing the young married couple into the world. Now I feel it became a source of stress for the young couple(the idea of having hundreds of critiquing eyes upon you on your vulnerable moment can’t be very fun), a waste of time(you will never dance these steps again), and a waste of money. Hmm…Never again.

Feeding Each Other Cake
That awkward rigmarole where the two of you hobble up to the dessert bar and playfully feed each other a slice amid a barrage of blinking flashlight? Why? Being hand-fed cake in front of an audience is disgusting and embarrassing. ’Nuff said.

Something Old, Something New
Ew. Doesn’t that stress you out? A slutty, elastic fake lace band stick to your upper thigh, only to have a a drunk man trying remove it? On your wedding night? Neeh… Let’s move on.

The Fancy Honeymoon
The honeymoon destination has started to become more and more elaborate, expensive and …not worth it… Why don’t you try the staycation alternative instead? Make a reservation at a nearby hotel, bring with you swimming gear, some fancy champagne and wine, some board games, and call it a long weekend.

Hey, it’s your day. Plan it your way!