Closet organisation is essential

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We’ve all been through this multiple times in our life, and we’ve all felt the benefits:

  • it clears the air in the closets
  • you get to see old clothes that were buried in the deeps of the closet
  • the morning search for clothes becomes easier
  • depending on what you do with the disposable clothes, you may feel good about yourself, because you either made someone very happy(of course, you have nice clothes and shoes, who wouldn’t be happy?), or you improved you entrepreneur skills, by selling them online, and make some extra money off of that.



Some problems still persist

However, some rather big problems still lurk in the back of our heads:

  • shirts and blouses tend to get very messy in short time
  • seeing the closet more empty encourages me to buy more stuff
  • You would think the online stores & online sales are making your live easier. The truth is, you just end up with even more clothes, and a lot of them don’t even get to see the light of day(or disco light for that matter).

So, how do we get control of our closet?

How can you make sure in the next 6 months you don’t end up in the same place, with the same amount of clothes you give away?

Here are some solutions:

  • analyse the clothes you just decided to throw away: are they too used? are they new and not worn? Think about what made you buy them in the first place, are they a certain style? Maybe you are transitioning to a new style, make sure you don’t wake up buying same style next time.
  • Analyse the wholes in you wardrobe, while you re-arrange you clothes back on the shelves/hangers. What do you think you are missing? This way, when you go shopping next time, you will have a clearer idea of what you need vs, what you think it’s nice on the moment.
  • make sure you have a purpose for the item you buy. Don’t just buy because it’s on sale, or because you think “they’re cute and not very expensive”.
  • Refrain yourself from buying anything new for a month after cleaning you closet. During this time, try to understand better what you like to wear and what items you feel you miss the most.

What are your tricks that keep you on the right path?